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WhatsApp Boasts 250M Monthly Active Users

by Jacob Kleinman | June 20, 2013June 20, 2013 9:00 pm PST

Whatsapp iPhone

WhatsApp revealed today that the massively popular mobile messaging app has 250 million monthly active users, surpassing the 200 million it boasted in April and possibly eclipsing Twitter, which announced it had 200 million active users back in December. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that WhatsApp had become more popular than Twitter. Last month at the AllThingsD mobile conference, CEO Jan Koum boasted that the app was bigger than Twitter, and now he has the numbers to prove it.

The app’s breakneck growth is a concern for both competing mobile services as well as telecom companies that make huge profits off of text messaging. WhatsApp offers unlimited individual and group messaging for just 99 cents on iOS, where it’s ranked first among paid apps. On Android the app is free but charges the user 99 cents after the first year. It’s also available for Windows Phone and BlackBerry, which increases its footprint.

WhatsApp is still far from first place when it comes to popular mobile messaging. Microsoft boasted 280 million monthly active users for Skype, the text, audio and video chatting service it acquired in 2011, back in October. The biggest competition, however, may be coming from China, where an app called WeChat claims to have 300 million active monthly users.


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