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New MacBook Airs Having Wi-Fi Issues

by Brandon Russell | June 20, 2013June 20, 2013 1:55 pm PDT

New MacBook Air 2013 - Press - 002

Owners of the new MacBook Air are reporting Wi-Fi issues at Apple Stores and on the company’s support forums, saying the models are at times unusable because of the problem. According to complaints, the laptops will suddenly drop Wi-Fi for no reason whatsoever, and then require a reboot just to reconnect. But at least the battery life is good?

Via Gizmodo, who says their own new model is experiencing the problem, many users say the problem is exacerbated when the Airs are placed on a desk. So pretty much every student is out of luck when bringing their new purchase to class. Gizmodo suspects the problem is being caused by the placement of the W-Fi antenna, which is in the black plastic strip along the bottom of the screen. If that’s the case, it’s certainly a big oversight by Jony Ive and his crew.

Stores are even seeing returns because of the problem—if enough complaints are made, Apple may be forced to publicly address the issue. To that end, not all of Apple’s new hardware may be experiencing Wi-Fi trouble, making it unclear why some models are having problems and some aren’t. We haven’t gotten our hands on the Haswell-equipped Airs yet, so we can’t say either way. Have you had any trouble with Wi-Fi?


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