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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 First-Party Games to Retail at $59.99

by Ron Duwell | June 19, 2013June 19, 2013 3:00 pm PDT


Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that their first-party titles will remain $59.99, carrying the current price over onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Expect third-party companies to fall in line or charge less.

The confirmation of $59.99 video games leaves Nintendo as the only console developer to make a price increase over the console jump. Of course, Wii games only ran for $49.99 for much of the console’s run. In fact, some of Nintendo’s first party games still sell for that much.

So relax, gamers. We may have gotten upset about used games, constant connectivity and privacy, but the price of video games is something you won’t have to sweat over when making the decision to upgrade. Thank goodness.

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