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Vine Says New Features are Coming Soon

by Brandon Russell | June 18, 2013June 18, 2013 3:30 pm PDT


It’s only been five short months since Vine launched under Twitter’s wing, and already the platform is one of the more widely used social networks on the market. We’ve even seen the service recognized by the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, highlighting its incredible popularity. And these early months were only the beginning.

According to a short celebratory post on Tuesday, Vine says some exciting “new parts” will be introduced to the platform in the coming weeks. No specifics were shared, so it’s unclear how things will evolve, but details are expected to be unveiled soon. It’s possible this is a stab at Facebook, which may add Vine-like features to Instagram on Thursday. Some really great examples of how to use the platform are shared in Vine’s blog post; it’s incredible to see how much emotion can be shared in a six second clip.

Do you guys use Vine? The community is obviously very active, and there is some great content on the platform. Plenty of services have tried to nail down sharing video, but none have quite taken off like Vine. So what new features will we see? Filters? Longer clips? We’re excited to see what’s next.


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