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Verizon Hints New “DROID” Coming Soon (Updated)

by Jacob Kleinman | June 18, 2013June 18, 2013 2:30 pm PDT


An official Twitter account used by Verizon in the past to announce new DROID handsets, as well as the occasional scavenger hunt, tweeted today for the first time since November 2011, sparking rumors that a new DROID smartphone is about to be announced. The cryptic message doesn’t offer any actual information, instead asking that we await “further instructions.”

Reactivation protocols initiated ::: Systems nearing operational status ::: Stand by for further instructions…

— DroidLanding (@DroidLanding) June 18, 2013

Verizon hasn’t launched a new DROID phone since the DROID DNA in 2012, so it’s possible a new smartphone is on the way, though Verizon may simply be announcing a new contest. We know that Verizon is going to offer the HTC One soon, though we don’t think that will launch under the “DROID” moniker. Perhaps it’s Motorola’s highly rumored X Phone?

Either way we’ll keep on eye on the @DroidLanding Twitter account for you and report back as the story develops.

Update: The @DroidLanding Twitter account has already posted a second update, referencing augmented reality and hinting at a possible scavenger hunt. The new tweet suggests that if Verizon is preparing a new DROID smartphone the launch will likely be accompanied by a contest and a chance to win the handset.

Update: A third tweet linked to a short video featuring “50-ft mechanized wARriors under the command of civilians.”

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