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AT&T FaceTime Over Cellular Enabled for iPhone 5 Owners with Unlimited Plans

by Jacob Kleinman | June 18, 2013June 18, 2013 4:30 pm PDT


AT&T on Tuesday started offering support for FaceTime video calls over cellular for iPhone 5 owners with an unlimited data plan. The update comes a month after the carrier announced it would support pre-loaded video chat apps on its network by mid-June; though, for now, it only applies to FaceTime users.

Previously, FaceTime only worked over a Wi-Fi network or for subscribers on AT&T’s Mobile Share and tiered data plans. AT&T agreed to make the changes following unrest from customers who didn’t want to leave their grandfathered unlimited data plans. Those customers largely argued that AT&T was telling them what to do with data they were paying for and felt the move was unfair. AT&T responded noting that it wanted to make sure its network could handle the influx of data usage from all of its customers trying to make FaceTime calls.

While AT&T is on schedule to deploy support for all pre-loaded video apps by the end of this year.


Jacob Kleinman

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