Conan O’Brien Gets Taste of Google Glass (Literally)

by Adriana Lee | June 17, 2013

If Jimmy Fallon’s the boyhood chum who loves to show you his kit, then Conan O’Brien’s the wise-cracking cousin who won’t stop licking your gear. Yup, you read that right.

Can’t imagine what Jeremy Hofferman was thinking when Conan, backstage at E3, stops for some hit-and-run mouth-cam action. The jolly red giant stopped when he spotted the device, and in classic fashion, he ribs Hofferman for asking permission to record as he’s doing it, and then moves in like he was going to lay a big sloppy wet one on him.

Of course, the quality is nowhere near Conan’s “Clueless Gamer” video from E3, but it’s kind of cool to know the talk show host is as funny off-stage as he is on TV, thanks to this crazy, off-the-cuff moment enabled by Google Glass. Many more random acts of comedy are bound to flood in later when the device enters the market.


Adriana Lee

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