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iPhone 5S Display Photos Leak Online

by Jacob Kleinman | June 17, 2013June 17, 2013 2:00 pm PDT

Fresh photos of an alleged assembled iPhone 5S display have leaked online, and some Apple components found in the new pictures appear to match up with individual parts leaked earlier today.

Following the news that the iPhone 5S logic board had leaked online this morning, a number of repair companies have published a set of photos revealing the most completed image of the upcoming smartphone we’ve seen so far. MacRumors points out that a subtle difference in the new logic board is reflected in photos of the partially assembled handset.

“On the iPhone 5 display assembly, both flex cable connectors are oriented horizontally and correspond to horizontal connectors on the device’s logic board….On this iPhone 5S part, one connector is oriented vertically and the other horizontally. This corresponds to the logic board seen in the photos earlier today, with a vertical connector near the top inside edge of the board and a horizontal one along the top edge.”

While this probably won’t mean any external changes for the iPhone 5S, it supports rumors that the device’s internal specs will be significantly improved. Apple’s new handset is expected to feature a faster processor and could possibly sport a more powerful battery, display and camera, though we’ll need to hear it from the horses mouth before we report that as fact.


Jacob Kleinman

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