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Samsung Opens R&D Center in Nokia’s Hometown

by Jacob Kleinman | June 15, 2013June 15, 2013 9:00 am PDT


Espoo might not be household name for most of us, but Finland’s second largest city and home to Nokia is synonymous with the Finnish smartphone maker in the same way Mountain View and Cupertino are synonymous with Google and Apple. Surprisingly, that hasn’t deterred Samsung from opening a new research and development center right in Nokia’s backyard. That might put the struggling company in an uncomfortable position.

Samsung claims the decision was based on “the excellent technology development eco-system in Finland,” but the takeaway could easily be that Samsung is moving in on Nokia’s territory, possibly in an attempt to poach the company’s talent. At the very least, you could argue that Samsung is taking advantage of a tech-friendly environment that Nokia actively cultivated and nurtured for years.

Samsung has announced that’s its new Espoo facility will focus on open source software for smartphones, tablets, TVs and PCs. The company also revealed its plans to hire 50 experts for the new center, adding that it intends to grow the staff steadily as research expands into new fields.


Jacob Kleinman

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