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Guess the Phone: A Big, Bold Idea Ahead of Its Time

by Brandon Russell | June 15, 2013June 15, 2013 2:00 pm PDT

This device is among the most recognizable in the industry. But it never lived up to its enormous presence and, truth be told, was a victim of its own forward-thinking approach. Specs couldn’t keep up, and technology just wasn’t as advanced as it is today; you could argue the device’s concept was well ahead of its time. Samsung and many other manufacturers should be indebted to this handset’s out of the box idea. Sadly its merely a remnant of the mobile market, crushed and buried under one of the more misguided companies still struggling to keep up with today’s evolving market.

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In this installment of Guess the Phone, we’re going back to the year 2010 to dig up a device that attempted to overshadow other handsets through sheer size. By today’s standards, the device’s dimensions would seem average, but three years ago it was a behemoth that tried to combine two market segments into one. And this was when people craved the iPhone and iPad, not both in one. People didn’t know how to respond and, in addition, the industry wasn’t quite as evolved as it is right now.

For being such an old handset, this mystery phone still feels fairly solid, if a bit bulky. But it sports an elegant design with nice edges that taper at the top and bottom, while the back is more of a soft touch. It feels tough—tougher than a lot of handsets today. The specs, however, are decidedly last, last, last gen; it only upgraded to Android 2.2, and sported a 800×480 display. Pretty great! For 2010.

If this device was just launching today, with the best specs, slimmed down frame and newest version of Android, people might take notice. More so than they did three years ago. But it’s gone into the ether, resigned as a paperweight or embarrassing relic that was released by a company that’s barely even in the conversation today. We salute thee, old mystery phone. Your ideas were bold, but they didn’t quite shine as brightly as many hoped.

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