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Alternative iOS 7 Icons Revealed on Apple’s Website

by Brandon Russell | June 14, 2013June 14, 2013 1:30 pm PDT


Apple’s iOS 7 icons will likely change before the final version hits later this year, according to reports. But this early on in the first beta it’s unclear how much or how little things will change. Leave it to Apple’s own website to give us little hints about which direction the company is leaning. It sure looks like a live weather icon is a huge possibility.

Buried on Apple’s own site, the icons show off slightly varied designs for the company’s Weather, Passbook and Reminders apps. The changes to Passbook or Reminders aren’t particularly drastic, but Weather is obviously different and could potentially provide a live temperature reading depending on where you are. For Apple, that’s a huge addition, even if it’s already been something other ecosystems are used to.

Just because these icons are showing up on Apple’s site doesn’t mean these are final designs. A recent report claimed the designs right now are in flux, so what’s being used as placeholders may not be what is included in the final version of iOS 7. However, as Apple releases more betas, it’s likely we’ll get small indications about how designs are evolving under Jony Ive’s guidance.


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