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D4 Trailer and Gallery – Murder Mystery Kinect Brawler?

It’s hard to get a feel for exactly what D4 is. It should go without saying since the director, SWERY, is known for ludicrous games, and his previous game, Deadly Premonition, is one of the most polarizing ever created.

From what we can tell from the trailer alone, D4 is definitely going to be controlled by the Kinect. It features an over the shoulder viewpoint for fights, and gestures will control the arms of the protagonist as he blocks and punches multiple opponents.

The unique color design and storytelling scream of a Japanese style that simply can’t be replicated in other countries. SWERY is a master at off-the-wall Japanese scenarios, so expect this game to come jam packed with illogical twists and turns at every corner.

The trailer also describes itself as a episodic murder mystery, so expect D4 to be a downloadable title with a Seasonal Pass option. Don’t expect a physical release unless the game becomes a huge success.

Being published by Microsoft Game Studios confirms that it will exclusively be for the Xbox One, so don’t expect this game to work on the PlayStation Eye.

I wouldn’t call it the best looking game in the Xbox One line up, but it’s worthy enough of a mention since we like weird culty games and are big fans of Deadly Premonition around here. No release date has been confirmed yet, so stay tuned for more.

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