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iOS 7 Today Feature Provides Traffic Info for Most Visited Locations

by Brandon Russell | June 12, 2013June 12, 2013 6:15 pm PDT


One of the quieter additions to iOS 7 was a Today feature in Notification Center. When Apple mentioned it during WWDC, the company said it provided at a glance information about the day ahead and also what was to come. But it also provides commute info to frequented locations and even tells you when to hit the hay depending on how busy your schedule is the following day.

While digging through iOS 7’s settings, MacRumors discovered that Apple collects location data based on places users frequent most and then pairs that with traffic information. MacRumors says it’s unclear if the notifications are shown based on what time it is, such as when a user drives to and from work. But it’s definitely reminiscent of Google Now’s predictive abilities.

Users are still uncovering little additions that Apple didn’t mention on stage this week, and it’s likely many more will come to light as we get closer to release. It’s not a full fledged response to Google Now, but a simple addition that should certainly make someone’s life that much easier before hitting the road.


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