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ESPN 3D is Shutting Down Later This Year

by Brandon Russell | June 12, 2013June 12, 2013 11:00 pm PDT


The entertainment industry has been hell bent on making 3D media a thing over the past few years. And while the technology might make sense in an enormous movie theatre, consumers never really quite took to it in their own homes. That’s why, by the end of 2013, ESPN will kill off ESPN 3D, perhaps indicating the overall feeling broadcasters have about the tech.

Citing lackluster adoption, ESPN confirmed the third dimensional channel is indeed going away later this year, but the company did indicate it could make a return should people suddenly crave 3D Golf. That seems unlikely at this point, but some things have a way of mysteriously resurrecting without reason. For now, the technology will quietly hang around as the industry finds a way to actually make it, you know, work and be worthwhile.

The problem with 3D seems to depend on the content being pushed out. If, say, a movie was shot specifically with 3D in mind, then by all accounts the implementation is worth it. But things being haphazardly upconverted seems much less compelling. For sports, the Olympics last year in particular, it’s not quite as must-have. But, who knows, maybe there are enough out there who will make a fuss to get ESPN to change its mind.


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