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PlayStation 4 Confirmed to be Region-Free

by Ron Duwell | June 11, 2013June 11, 2013 6:30 pm PST


Import gamers and ex-pats can now safely rejoice. The final lingering question mark hanging above the PlayStation 4 has been answered, and you will be happy with the results.

Sony Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed via Twitter that the PlayStation 4 will be region free, meaning discs from Japan will be playable with no modding or extra tinkering required on the console itself.

In this day and age of the Internet and easy news, most good games (but not all good games) make their way worldwide, so region free does seem more like an added bonus than a necessity these days. However, being an American and playing on a Japanese PlayStation I purchased out here, I am more than relieved to known that my options are not limited.Of course, region locking is also a choice made by publishers as well.

The only region locked game to be released for the PlayStation 3 was Persona 4: Arena in one of the few controversies Atlus has ever found itself in.

The PlayStation 3 also allowed users to sign up for accounts in other countries and granted access to foreign digital markets as well. It is unknown if the PlayStation 4 will allow for this nice little trick, but if you’ve ever wanted to play some great import classics on the PlayStation or PlayStation 2, its the easiest way to get them.

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