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Galaxy Note III Leaked Photo Shows Massive Prototype

by Jacob Kleinman | June 11, 2013June 11, 2013 3:15 pm PST

galaxy note iii leaked photo

Another leaked Galaxy Note III photo surfaced today, this one comparing the phablet prototype to two smaller handsets which emphasize its massive display. The newest picture of the Galaxy Note III was published by gaming blog GforGames after arriving in the site’s inbox from an unnamed sender.

The latest leaked Galaxy Note III photo looks nearly identical to pictures published yesterday of the same rumored device. The only difference is the addition of an old Nokia phone and a mystery Samsung device.

Based on the evidence, GforGames argues that the Note III may be even bigger than the rumored 5.99-inches we’ve been hearing recently:

“By the looks of it, this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype is way bigger than 5.99, but we cannot be entirely sure. As you can see, the other Samsung device is showing a picture of a Sony Xperia Z, which comes with a 5inch display. Maybe the tipster was trying to give us some hints in order to figure out just how big the Note 3 prototype is?”

The recent flood of leaked Galaxy Note III images suggest that R&D units of the device may have recently shipped. If this is true then it’s unlikely Samsung will be ready to announce the alleged phablet at its planned press conference on June 20 in London. However, it is possible that we’ll see the device unveiled at IFA in Berlin this September.


Jacob Kleinman

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