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State of Decay Sells 250,000 Digital Units After 48 Hours

by Ron Duwell | June 10, 2013June 10, 2013 11:30 pm PDT

state of decay

Some might say the zombie genre isn’t as creative as it once was, but they would be wrong if they called it not as popular. Undead Labs’ State of Decay crushed its launch last week selling 250,000 digital downloads through Xbox Live Arcade after only the first 48 hours.

To put that in perspective, the only other Xbox Live Arcade exclusive to sell that quickly was Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, and can you really even call that an exclusive?

In response to the remarkable stats, the company turned to its own community for its loud and vocal support in getting the name out there.

“We did not have an ad budget. We didn’t have a physical copy to load onto shelves, no worldwide multimedia push, no studio reputation with millions of followers. All we had was what we believed was a great game and a great community. And make no mistake, a solid game is not enough, not in 2013. Plenty of great games wither away in obscurity. This train got rolling because you got out and pushed.”

Critics have been receiving the zombie survival game pretty well, and word of mouth is getting out there that this is one to watch.

In regards to other platforms, Undead Labs has confirmed that the game will definitely be coming to PCs but “not soon.”

If you want to play State of Decay, then the only way to do so is through Xbox Live Arcade. Keep in mind though that any game purchased through XBLA will not be carried over onto the new Xbox One console, so it will be stuck there for good.

If you can wait, hold off for a PC version I’d say. If you want to jump on and see what all the fuss is about for this surprise hit, then you’ll have to cough up 1600 MSP ($20) on your Xbox 360.

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