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Mew-genics Gets a New Character, Moves Beyond Cat Hoarding

by Ron Duwell | June 10, 2013June 10, 2013 11:00 pm PST

Mew Genics

Team Meat has chimed in just in time for E3 to remind everyone that Mew-genics is still happening. The most recent announcement adds a new character to the ever expanding cast of misfits. Baby Jack is an accident prone child “who runs the local Hoarders R Us.”

Baby Jack has taken over as primary manager of the shop due to his Nona’s inability to get out of her bedroom, but hes working on fixing that. Every day Jack stocks the store with pieces of his Nonas collection, bringing you amazing things for your house as well as aiding in her eventual escape from the confines of her self imposed tomb.

Thanks to their nature as an independent studio, Team Meat has been able to move Mew-genics far beyond what they originally had in mind. No longer will the game be limited to hoarding genetically altered cats.

Leave it to the guys at Team Meat to make fun of hoarders in a video game, not that reality TV hasn’t done so already.

Hoarding in general will become the focus of this game, and cats just happen to be involved. 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 to put an estimation on the number of felines you’ll be able to create through this crazy new science.

Team Meat will be bringing Mew-genics to PCs and Mobile devices in the near future.

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