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EA Shows Off Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

by Eric Frederiksen | June 10, 2013June 10, 2013 2:01 pm PDT

Since that first Battlefield 4 trailer, up through Microsoft’s conference just an hour ago, every appearance of the game was followed by echos of “So what? What about the multiplayer?” EA and DICE answered those calls today with an impressive, demonstrative showing of everything Battlefield 4 will have to offer.

EA brought 64 live players on stage, showing shots multiple times of them playing the game live, and showed a bit of what Battlefield 4 has to offer.

The battlefield will be overseen by a Commander, someone using their console or a smart device such as a tablet or phone. The Commander can give out orders of which choke points to squeeze and which control points to grab. My main question – why would people listen to this jerk? – was answered effectively by the end of the trailer.

The Commander controls the heavy stuff. While the infantry is out in the thick of it, the commander can call down artillery to take out tanks and other dangerous hardware. Giving the commander control over the big stuff puts a lot of responsibility on him or her, but also gives players a reason to bother listening.

The demo did a great job of showing us just how big the battlefield itself is not just in square footage, but cubic too. After crossing a wide body of water on a boat and then jet ski, the player ascends a skyscraper and looks down as the commander drops the aforementioned artillery. Things start going wrong, though, and the player parachutes out of the skyscraper, to the ground.

Then the skyscraper¬†collapses,¬†as if to say “Eat this, Call of Duty.”

My twitter feed filled at that moment with capital letters and demands that EA take everyone’s money. After the trouble with SimCity, that’s a pretty impressive response after a great showing from EA.

Eric Frederiksen

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