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Apple’s iOS 6 On Nearly 93 Percent of iPhones in North America

by Brandon Russell | June 9, 2013June 9, 2013 8:00 am PDT


As we near Apple’s unveil of iOS 7, data collected by Chitika Insights suggests iOS 6, released last September, is on nearly 93 percent of North American iPhones. That’s pretty incredible distribution compared to certain competitors—over 80 percent of iPads are running the latest version of the OS, according to Chitika’s data.

Chitika was able to collect data by analyzing over 300 million Web page views in the U.S. and Canada in late May. That certainly doesn’t reflect a more global adoption, but it shows how Apple is able to leverage and control software updates across generations—and multiple devices. The previous version of iOS, iOS 5, is on just 5.5 percent of iPhones, with iOS 4 and iOS 3 also taking up a small percentage. Meanwhile, iOS 5 made up over 13 percent of Web traffic on the iPad, while iOS 4 and iOS 3 rounded out the remaining percentage.

Apple’s iOS 7 unveil is just days away, where many expect the company to introduce a much flatter looking experience. Feature-wise, iOS 7 may include Vimeo and Flickr integration, and also AirDrop support for better sharing between Apple devices. We’ll be on hand at the event on June 10 to bring you all the latest.


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