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User Manages to Put Plex on the Apple TV, Without Jailbreaking

by Adriana Lee | June 8, 2013June 8, 2013 8:00 am PDT


Plex is on my short list of must-have apps for streaming media boxes. It’s an extremely easy, free and stable way to stream content from your desktop or laptop to your Google TV, Xbox 360, Roku or other living room devices. But there’s one glaring omission on the list of compatible boxes — the Apple TV.

Well, not for this Plex enthusiast. A hacker known as PlexConnect took matters into his own hands by figuring out how to slap that media center on his Apple box. And he did it without jailbreaking. The funny thing is, the key lies in the movie trailers app, which is something that Apple itself provides.

Essentially he uses the app as a tunnel or pathway for his own content. Normally, Apple’s movie trailer data would shoot through this right to the box, but PlexConnect uses a python script that lets him replace the official data with his own Plex media server data.

There’s even some extra accidental goodness here. Some users who have tried this are reporting that they can access some Internet media channels, including a few live streams.

If you attempt this hack, enjoy it while you can. Although it’s not clear if it will void your warranty, like jailbreaking can, that doesn’t mean Cupertino will let this slide. Ultimately, all that beautiful functionality is just one software update away from being nixed.

Adriana Lee

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