Nintendo Points to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for E3 Info

by Joey Davidson | June 8, 2013

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime takes “stage” front and center in Nintendo’s official E3 2013 welcome video. As all of the major players have done already, Nintendo posted the clip to let gamers know how and where to keep up with all of their information.

If you count yourself among the crowd interested in what Nintendo’s dishing out this year, then you’ll simply need to dial up their YouTube channel for just above everything they’ll be doing. Trailers, booth tours, interviews and more are all slated to hit that virtual space throughout the week.

Of course, we’ll also be covering Nintendo as part of our stint at E3 this year. I’ve already got two separate appointments on the books with the company, and intend to see what the hubbub’s about at their booth within the first day or so.

Stay tuned for more, E3 starts next week. Holy crap, E3 starts next week!

Joey Davidson

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