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Square Enix to Reveal “Future of Final Fantasy” at Pre-E3 Show

by Ron Duwell | June 6, 2013June 6, 2013 6:00 pm PST


Square Enix will be holding its own pre-E3 conference to show off the future of its beloved Final Fantasy series. The program is scheduled to begin on June 11th from 9AM-10AM PT.

The Final Fantasy franchise currently finds itself in a huge jam with a serious and focused look on the future. The failure of Final Fantasy XIV, the rebirth of A Realm Reborn, crappy mobile games, excessive ports, the continuing saga of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the polarizing Lightning Saga escapade.

What is Final Fantasy anymore? As a longtime fan, I just can’t get too excited for it.

I would love for Square Enix to just clamp down and really hammer out another game I could call a favorite of mine and throw it up there proudly with Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy X. The series needs a new classic, one we will be remembering years from now, rather than something we are desperately trying to forget.

The creative juices at Square Enix just don’t seem to be flowing the way they used to though, and this rapidly changing market does not allow the time or preparation needed for massive JRPGs anymore. Whatever this new strategy is, I hope it works because this series and me go back a long way.`

What do you think will be announced at the press conference? Final Fantasy Versus XIII is rumored to have become Final Fantasy XV and will be exclusively available for the PlayStation 4. I am willing to believe that rumor.

Most likely we will see some of the Japanese social games like Final Fantasy Tactics S be announced for American shores.¬†Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD is going to be there, and yes. A Realm Reborn and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will make an appearance as well. Oh boy…

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