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Bug Report Hints Near-Final Build of OS X 10.9 Incoming

by Brandon Russell | June 6, 2013June 6, 2013 4:30 pm PDT

Mac OS - Mountain Lion - 001

Ahead of next week’s WWDC, a developer bug report is hinting that a final version of OS X 10.9, the follow up to Mountain Lion, is imminent. We don’t know much about what changes Apple will introduce to the desktop software, but many expect Apple to further merge the look and feel of both OS X and iOS. Last year features such as iMessage and Notification Center were added to Mountain Lion, among other additions.

The small hint was mentioned over at AppleInsider, where a build number was discovered that’s presumably attached to OS X 10.9. The 13A451 designation—the 451 is important, while 13A strongly suggests 10.9—indicates that the software is deep into its development cycle, so we near-final build could be shown off at next week’s event. Once that happens, developers could get their hands on the OS, with a release to potentially follow shortly after.

AppleInsider forecasts a few different possibilities, and they all lead to an impending release. One scenario—something that’s most likely—is that the update won’t be particularly robust, which is why it’s already so far into its cycle. It’s unclear what cat Apple will go with next—Bobcat? Lynx? Ocelot?—but we’ll find out on June 10, less than a week away.



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