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iWatch Rumors Fueled by Apple Curved Battery Patent

by Jacob Kleinman | June 6, 2013June 6, 2013 10:00 am EST

iwatch patent rumor

The iWatch, Apple’s rumored smartwatch, is still shrouded in mystery, but a new patent from the company for a curved battery design suggests it’s serious about developing the wearable technology.

A patent which Apple filed back in January 2013 was recently awarded to the company, detailing plans for a curved battery design. The news¬†immediately¬†sparked iWatch speculation, since Apple’s current stable of iDevices all use flat batteries while a smartwatch would need a curved battery in order to wrap around the user’s wrist.

Apple’s new patent describes how a battery could be designed and manufactured to curve at one or both ends:

The battery cell includes a set of layers including a cathode with an active coating, a separator and an anode with an active coating. The battery cell also includes a pouch enclosing the layers, wherein the pouch is flexible. The layers may be wound to create a jelly roll prior to sealing the layers in the flexible pouch.

While it’s completely possible that Apple’s new patent will pave the way for an iWatch in the near future, a curved battery could also be used to complete a project the company has been working on for even longer than the smartwatch: a flexible smartphone. Apple has already filed patents for bendable display technology, and this new battery design could be another piece of the puzzle, though we still need bendable components, first.

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