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The Last of Us Mutliplayer Detailed in Official Trailer

by Ron Duwell | June 5, 2013June 5, 2013 6:30 am PDT

As we near the launch date of The Last of Us, Sony and Naughty Dog have elected to dish a ton of information and media pertaining to the game.

The new footage of gameplay comes with a detailed description of every unique aspect of Naughty Dog’s true survival horror. This is not just random groups of humans gathering up to shoot one another in traditional third person view.

Teams will have to build up a clan, raid enemy bases for supplies, create makeshift weapons on the fly, rescue teammates from wandering infected beings, and defend their own turf from sneaking marauders.

Most importantly, the multiplayer carries over the same brutal and raw violence from the main campaign. Humans get set ablaze with fame throwers, stabbed in the neck, and even have their heads straight up smashed into the concrete.

If an emotional core lies at the center of the campaign, then with the multiplayer, it comes from seeing your own customized avatar being disposed of in such inhumane ways. Yeesh…

The Last of Us will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on June 14th. Until then, happy hunting.

Ron Duwell

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