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Time-Wasters: Our 5 Favorite Vines Right Now

by Adriana Lee | June 4, 2013June 4, 2013 8:30 pm PDT


There’s no better way to encourage mass adoption of a technology than to make it fast, easy and ubiquitous. And now that Vine finally launched for Android users, we’re about to see an explosion of six-second clips storm our online world.

Not that it hasn’t already. In less than six months, Vines already seem to be everywhere. There are innumerable business articles on how companies can use the micro-vlogging service to hawk everything from retail products to TV shows and movies, and it’s a medium of choice for artists, geeks, celebrities and everyday users looking to connect with attention-deficit-prone viewers.

Some even use it to RickRoll people apparently. (RickRolling is an online prank that involves sending unsuspecting people a must-see link that is actually a video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”) A high school student named Will Smiedlin took down Vine on the very day the Android app launched by uploading the entire video clip of Astley’s 1987 hit. He managed to get the full three and a half minutes up there using the command line instead of the mobile app. Next thing you know, people were sending that all over the place. This is likely why Android users reported so many glitches with their new app.

Vine says it has fixed the issue now and pulled the vid, but there are a lot of cool ones still out there, and we couldn’t resist singling out a few that grabbed our attention over the first half of 2013. So won’t you sit back and waste a (very) little time with us as we check out some of our favorites? 

SPOILER ALERT: This last one contains a major spoiler for an epic plot twist for Game of Thrones. We didn’t embed the Vine, for fear of accidentally ruining the show for fans who haven’t seen season 3, episode 9 yet. But the image below is a link. If you’re not caught up with the series yet — seriously, what’s up with you? Go get current and then view the Vine. Until then, DO NOT CLICK on that.

And finally, there’s this one that shows why we love Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) so fricking much. Once again, SPOILER ALERT for GoT s3 e9. Click on the pic to go to Vine and view the clip.



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