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Vine on Android: Users Report Glitches, Problems

by Jacob Kleinman | June 3, 2013June 3, 2013 1:30 pm PDT

Vine is finally on Android. While the six-second video-making app’s arrival in the Google Play store should be cause for celebration, some smartphone users are complaining that the newly-ported app is glitchy, buggy or just not working at all.

Of course, these complaints represent a small number of the smartphone users enjoying Vine on Android, but this is the Internet and that means everyone gets to have their voices heard, even if they’re just complaining.

Here’s a taste of what a few Twitter on people have to say:



At the time of publication, Vine had 658 5-star reviews in Google Play but as many as 280 1 Star reviews and anywhere between 200 and 300 2-3 star reviews. It has an average of about 3.5 stars right now, which isn’t too bad.


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