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Alleged iOS 7 Alpha Photo Leaks Ahead of WWDC

by Brandon Russell | June 3, 2013June 3, 2013 12:00 pm PDT


This is supposedly a shot of iOS 7 in early alpha, all Ive’d up, and it doesn’t necessarily look all that different. The familiar iOS look is still intact, though the icons are appear more flat, with less gloss and shine in the photo above. That Game Center icon sure looks different, as does the camera icon, but that’s about it. According to 9to5Mac, sources say a lot has changed since this horrid spy shot was snapped.

The design of iOS 7 will supposedly be more uniform, with stock icons looking like they came from the same family, rather than appearing like a motley concoction from the crock pot of Scott Forstall. It’s difficult to authenticate the screenshot; to our eyes, it looks pretty suspicious, especially because the items on screen don’t properly lining up. The clock icon, too, is blank, and many of the other icons are blank as well.

However, this is supposedly a very early alpha, so who knows? Tim Cook recently confirmed that Jony Ive had a big influence on iOS 7, which has many Apple fans excited about what the software will look like. It certainly doesn’t look any more black and white than past iterations, so we’ll have to see when Apple takes the stage at WWDC next week. Below is a mockup from iDownloadblog of what the “flatter” icons might look like.


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