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Chrome for iOS Adds Improved Voice Search and Faster Page Reloads

by Brandon Russell | June 3, 2013June 3, 2013 7:30 pm PDT


Chrome 27 for iOS has found its voice, and it’s a little more limber thanks to a new update.

Google on Monday rolled out a new iteration of Chrome that includes improved voice search and a slight speed upgrade for cached page reloads—not as quick as Apple’s own Safari, but a noticeable boost. The voice search upgrade returns results in real-time, so your inquiries will be answered lickity split. Not only that, but Chrome will speak certain queries back, like if you asked what the weather was like in Los Angeles. Additionally, links from other iOS apps can be opened in Chrome—something Google is echoing quite a bit lately—giving it a feel of default-ness.

Chrome 27 for iOS is live now, so head on over to the iTunes store and get downloading.


Brandon Russell

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