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Man Uses Facebook To Kidnap Teen For Fake Rescue, Then Accidentally Kills Her

by Adriana Lee | June 2, 2013June 2, 2013 1:00 pm PST


Kyle Dube was caught for doing the unthinkable: Donning a ski mask, he kidnapped a teenager in Maine to stage a phony rescue that would have made him look like a hero. But plans went awry when she actually died.

Details on what exactly led to her demise aren’t known (or haven’t been revealed), but suffice it to say that Dube was shocked when he went into the back of his vehicle and saw 15-year-old Nichole Cable’s lifeless body. He had grabbed the girl, duct-taped her mouth, thrown her into the back of his dad’s pick-up truck and driven off. Later, seeing that she had died, he panicked and ditched her body in the woods.

kyle-dube-indicted-for-murdering-nichole-cableAnd that’s where the story would’ve ended, if not for one little thing — social media.

Bryan Butterfield, a friend of Nichole’s, informed police that Dube made a fake Facebook page under Butterfield’s name to gain Nichole’s trust. Pretending to be Butterfield, he tried to persuade her to come to the kidnap location, which was just down the road from her house. He made multiple attempts until she finally agreed, reportedly so she could buy Marijuana. Clearly, the social media account was used an instrument of crime here, but it was also a key tool used in the investigation. With Facebook’s assistance, the authorities looked into the account and traced the IP address to Dube’s parent’s house, where he currently lives.

Although DNA was found at the scene of the attack, the sample does no good if there’s no record on file to match it. But with the perpetrator having been identified, the evidence is easily connected to the bungling, would-be hero.

The entire murder investigation took place swiftly. Cable’s body was discovered on May 20th, and Dube was arrested on May 21st. If he’s convicted for his ill-advised stunt and deadly incompetence — officially charged as kidnapping and murder — he’ll face 25 years to life in prison.

Adriana Lee

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