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Google Releases Statement Regarding Facial Recognition Glass Apps

by Brandon Russell | June 1, 2013June 1, 2013 12:00 pm PDT


Google Glass is the technology of tomorrow, today, and it promises to completely change how you and I interact with the world around us. But for all of that overflowing potential, concerns over privacy are perhaps the wearable tech’s biggest talking point—even Congress is worried. Google, for its part, knows people want answers, so it’s speaking out. In a Google+ post this week, the search giant said it doesn’t plan on approving any third-party facial recognition apps anytime soon—at least not until “protections” are in place.

Being selective with app approval is big, but it’s only the beginning in what will likely be a perpetual battle. Google isn’t exactly known as the most squeaky clean company out there, and especially with technology like Glass, the search giant will really need to work hard to address privacy concerns. The technology isn’t even out and it’s all people can think about.

“Many have expressed both interest and concern around the possibilities of facial recognition in Glass,” Google said. “We won’t add facial recognition features without having strong privacy protections in place.”

It’s unclear what protections Google has in mind—Google might not even know at this point. However, Google is publicly acknowledging Glass poses as many problems as it does solutions. The technology is still months off from an actual public launch, and you can bet we’ll hear plenty more statements over concerns until then.

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