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WhitePages Acquires Mr. Number Spam-Blocking Android App

by Jacob Kleinman | May 31, 2013May 31, 2013 4:45 pm PDT

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Earlier today, WhitePages (no, not that White Pages) announced it acquired Mr. Number, a spam identifying and call blocking Android app with more than seven million downloads and a cemented spot in the Google Play top 20 communication apps category.

WhitePages hopes to use Mr. Number’s services to help its 50 million monthly visitors steer clear of spam. The app already offers several features: it blocks unwanted calls and texts from selected phone numbers, it lets users look up unknown numbers before accepting incoming calls, and it even keeps a running list of numbers to preemptively block telemarketers and robo-dialers.

What role will Mr. Number play inside WhitePages? The company said it plans to integrate Mr. Number’s spam identification software into its own directory.

“Mr. Number users identify SPAM and report it (via the app, the Mr. Number website, etc.),” a spokesperson told VentureBeat. “As a result, a phone number’s SPAM score goes up. WhitePages can take this info (a spam number as identified by Mr. Number users) and provide it as such to Current Caller ID users. So, in addition to other information that Current Caller ID provides to users (name, social, etc.), it will also report a number as spam if it’s been identified as such by Mr. Number.”

Don’t worry if you’re one of the seven million people already using Mr. Number; the app isn’t going anywhere. WhitePages has stated the service will remain as a standalone app.

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