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Alleged Nokia Lumia 1030 Phablet Mysteriously Appears

by Brandon Russell | May 31, 2013May 31, 2013 10:00 am PDT

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928-VS-Nokia Lumia 920-Top

As far as blurry cam shots go, this one verges on the absurd. What we have here (below) is an alleged picture of an unknown Nokia phablet, styled in the company’s familiar Cyan polycarbonate materials. No information about the handset is provided other than a potential model number—Lumia 1030—but that’s it. We’re skeptical, but previous rumors have hinted at a possible Nokia phablet.


Sitting in a lineup of other well-known devices, including a possible shot of the HTC M4, the Nokia handset shows an extra row of tiles thanks to the increased screen real estate. The device supposedly packs a 1080p display, so that extra row makes sense. However, we’re not expecting any 1080p Windows Phone 8 devices until the GDR3 OS update hits later this fall, so the device could simply be a prototype.

Not much is known about Nokia’s future product portfolio beyond a supposed 41-megapixel EOS flagship, but it sure looks as though the company has plans for a phablet—the market is on a clear phablet kick right now. Unfortunately, software restrictions are holding Nokia back from releasing one at the moment, so don’t expect any Windows Phone 8 phablet glory until later this fall.


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