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iPad Mini 2 Will Reportedly Cost Around $250

by Jacob Kleinman | May 30, 2013May 30, 2013 1:00 pm PDT

iPad mini unboxing

A new report from Citi Research suggests Apple may offer a cheaper iPad Mini for under $250, which has some bloggers claiming the second-generation 7.9-inch tablet will cost almost $100 dollars less than the original model. However, it’s far more likely that the iPad Mini 2 release will simply allow Apple to slash the current model’s price while still offering a better tablet at the same $329 price point. That is, if Apple decides to cut the price at all.

Citi Research’s report cites a source inside Apple’s supply chains who claims that the company is shifting towards less expensive products.

“Supply chain checks by Citi’s Asia-Pac Technology Team suggest a mix shift surprisingly toward Apple’s older iPhone4/4S,” wrote Citi’s Glen Yeung in a note to investors. “And with our expectation of a low-end iPhone slated for September launch, followed by a sub-$250 iPad Mini, we expect this trend to persist.”

Meanwhile, the iPad Mini 2 is expected to feature a Retina Display, which Apple could easily use to increase the price for the new tablet, subsequently keeping the original Mini at its $329 price point. But if Citi is right and Apple really is committed to lowering its prices, then the iPad Mini 2 release may be the best time to prove it.


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