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iPad 5 Case Leak Shows Off Thinner, Smaller Frame

by Brandon Russell | May 30, 2013May 30, 2013 2:45 pm PDT


It’s still unclear when we might see an iPad 5 dressed like an iPad mini, but a case leak suggests a release is imminent. Despite the iPad 4 still being relatively young, it was always assumed Apple would introduce a redesigned model following the launch of the iPad mini. These cases seem to reflect a more refined look, with a thinner frame and overall more compact 9.7-inch body.

Apple has consistently refined its products by making them thinner—though the iPad line contradicts this slightly—and the company seems intent on doing the same for the iPad 5. It’s difficult to say exactly how the iPad might look, but it sure seems like it’ll be thinner and come with a shorter frame—Apple is likely shaving some of the bezel off the sides.

The cases themselves could simply be based on rumored schematics, as is usually the case, and not any official specs. To that end, their existence might not necessarily mean we’ll see an iPad 5 anytime soon. Apple has played down hardware expectations heading into WWDC, with many of the bigger announcements coming later this year. Still, the timing seems curious, especially with the company’s annual conference just weeks away.


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