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Google Calendar Update for Android: Event Colors, New UI for Date and Time

by Jacob Kleinman | May 30, 2013May 30, 2013 5:15 pm PDT

google calendar update android

Google first brought its popular stock Calendar service to the Google Play store last year and earlier today Google pushed out an update with several new features.

First off, Google Calendar on Android now lets you assign custom colors to all your events right from your phone, while in the past you had to jump on the computer to make the same change. The bigger change, though, is a noticeably different and UI for for creating an event or creating an entry at a specific time. The clean and beautiful design somehow makes scheduling even easier thanks to the use of little circles to mark each day of the week.

Google continues to roll out one update after another, even after it announced tons of new services during its 3-hour Google I/O keynote. We can’t wait to see what service or app gets refreshed next.

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