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Start Button Appears In Latest Windows 8.1 Build

by Brandon Russell | May 29, 2013May 29, 2013 11:30 am PDT


Windows 8.1 will include a Start Button, easing the pain some users had upgrading from previous versions of Windows. According to a preview build of the upcoming update, Microsoft will use the new Windows logo as the button; unfortunately, the button itself won’t work how people expect. Think of the onscreen button as virtual Windows key you’d find on any keyboard.

ZDNet says the Start Button will return users to the Start Screen, putting users right back into the Metro UI environment maligned by many Windows users. It sounds like a dirty little visual trick, something familiar that reacts in a new way. Users have been very vocal about the return of a Start Button, and Microsoft seems intent on introducing one of sorts—that familiar menu just won’t be there.

To indicate the transition between desktop and the Metro interface, the Start Screen will supposedly use your desktop wallpaper; a touch of familiarity. ZDNet says the boot to desktop option is still there, so there’s that. Microsoft refused to comment on Start Button rumors. However, the company plans on detailing the update at its Build 2013 conference in June.


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