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Greenpeace Calls Recent Apple Hire a Bold Move for Environmental Health

by Brandon Russell | May 29, 2013May 29, 2013 11:00 pm PST


The larger a company gets, the bigger footprint it leaves on planet Earth. And while environmental responsibility might not necessarily be something consumers care about, a company like Apple takes the issue very seriously. For its efforts, Greenpeace has taken notice, commenting directly on a recent hire Tim Cook announced at yesterday’s D11 conference.

Lisa Jackson, a former EPA administrator and a new addition to the Apple team, will help the Cupertino company leave a smaller footprint as it continues to grow. In an email to POLITICO, Jackson commented on Apple’s innovation and said the company is committed to removing toxins from its products and using renewable energy at its data centers.

Apple last year was No. 6 on Greenpeace’s 18th annual Guide to Green Electronics, but with Jackson’s hiring, that could change. Greenpeace called Jackson’s hiring a “bold move,” saying her track record of combating toxic waste and dirty energy is among the best.

“Jackson can make Apple the top environmental leader in the tech sector by helping the company use its influence to push electric utilities and governments to provide the clean energy both Apple and America need right now,” said Greenpeace Senior IT Analyst Gary Cook.

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