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Facebook Home Product Placement may be Coming to VH1


Facebook has a already tried its hand at regular TV commercials to promote its new Facebook Home Android skin but, according to a report from Valleywag, the world’s biggest social network is looking to pay for some Facebook Home product placement on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” sketch comedy show.

Valleywag has posted a series of internal documents detailing Facebook’s efforts to inject the comedy show with references to Facebook Home as well as Viacom’s efforts to come up with funny yet inoffensive jokes in an email describing a “Facebook opportunity.”

“We are also trying to bring in Facebook to sponsor a week of [censored] in their April flight as the agency expressed interest,” reads the alleged leaked Viacom email. “We don’t have their campaign details as its [sic] hush hush and it’s only on air money no digital dollars… Is there anything fun that you have already been looking to do with Facebook in a bit?”

There’s also a handful of pages worth of possible Facebook Home jokes, including one claiming that owning the (failed) HTC First is like being a Kardashian—we don’t get the reference either— and others that joke about parents using Facebook.

Based on these documents and emails, Facebook’s product placement deal with Viacom is still up in the air, but if you see happen to see a group of comedians on VH1 claiming that Mark Zuckerberg just had “the Best Week Ever” don’t forget that Facebook may have paid them to say it.

Check out a gallery of a few of the exchanges below:


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