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Ray’s The Dead – Pikmin Meets Zombies in Kickstarter Project

by Joey Davidson | May 28, 2013May 28, 2013 8:00 pm PDT

Ray’s The Dead is an interesting little project from Ragtag Studio based in Chicago, IL. This crowd control title turns players into Ray the zombie and tasks them with solving Ray’s murder.

The mechanics were inspired by games like Pikmin, and the game delivers an ’80s infused soundtrack and set of themes. The Kickstarter video at the head of this post glosses over the project quite well.

As of drafting this post, Ray’s The Dead has 11 days left on the virtual board. They’ve only Ray’s’d (ha, get it?) $25,000 of their $75k goal. If this is a game that you could see yourself enjoying, toss in some bucks.

Otherwise, carry-on.

If Ray’s The Dead hits the $75,000 mark before the Kickstarter closes, this project will eventually ship for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. They’ll likely take a crack at getting into onto Steam with Steam Greenlight.


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