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Engineer Designs, Builds Light-Up Engagement Ring

by Adriana Lee | May 28, 2013May 28, 2013 6:30 pm PDT


It’s the season of love, so it’s natural for thoughts to turn to things like weddings and engagement rings. But for engineer Ben Kokes, those thoughts switched on months ago — when he honed his plans and started building a titanium engagement ring with LEDs for his girlfriend, Julie.

Kokes designed and cut the ring himself. He did a terrific job, as it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry in its own right. When it’s dormant (above), it looks rather classic and understated, no? But when the fiancées are beside each other, tradition quickly goes by the wayside.


Here’s the 5-second video of the lights in action.

Inside the ring, there’s a LED array (behind the stones) and a copper coil assembly. The black band in the vid is actually a transmitter. When the ring’s in close proximity to its induced alternative magnetic field, the LEDs illuminate. Thanks to the the form factor of the transmitter arm band, Kokes can wear it under his jacket, to amaze friends and family with a little light show.


All that effort, and the ring wasn’t even intended to be a permanent engagement ring. Kokes planned to use this to pop the question and then eventually replace it with a ring from a jeweler. But Julie won’t have any of that! She wants Kokes’ LED ring for all time, so he’s hitting the workshop again to build a more permanent version.

Now that’s love. They sound like a match made in geek heaven.

Adriana Lee

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