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InFamous: Second Son Gets Some New High Res Screenshots

by Ron Duwell | May 27, 2013May 27, 2013 12:00 pm PDT

Infamous Second Son (2)

Sucker Punch has released a slew of new high resolution screenshots from its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, InFamous: Second Son. The story has moved on from Cole MacGrath and his electric super-powers with an entirely new city, cast and protagonist.

This latest game stars Delsin Rowe, a young man blessed with the powers of fire and smoke. He finds himself on the run from a totalitarian government out to squash him and his reputation as the city’s super-hero savior or bringer of destruction.

The open-city action game was once a blooming genre earlier in this aging console cycle, but it has fallen off the radar in recent years. InFamous: Second Son is just one of many other high profile games like Grand Theft Auto V and Watch_Dogs looking to give it a much needed jolt of creativity.

Sucker Punch has even stated that every NPC is designed to look like a real human being. The company called in over 75 friends and family to photograph and put in the game.

InFamous: Second Son will be an early PlayStation 4 exlusive. Check out the gallery below.

InFamous: Second Son Screenshots

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