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Images of Possible Gmail Revamp Show Inbox Categories

by Brandon Russell | May 25, 2013May 25, 2013 12:00 pm PDT


The Next Web is reporting Gmail could see some big changes across the Web, Android and iOS, with a new five tab layout for easier organization. Following an earlier rumor from Android Police, sources are saying Google is preparing to introduce new categories to Gmail as a way to help users better manage their inbox; the categories include Main, Social, Offers, Notifications and Forums.

Basically, the Main section will be reserved for what’s important to you: family, friends and anything else that needs your attention right away. Social will deal with stuff from all the networks you participate in, while Offers will be reserved for anything from retailers, deal sites and any other online merchant that sends you promotions. Notifications, fittingly, will only show bills you need to take care of, and also flight alerts, dining reservations and the like. Finally, emails relating to forums or mailing lists will be filed into the Forums category.


The initiative is essentially a way to help users better filter and label their emails, and should make the experience less overwhelming. In such an ultra-connected world, plenty of focus is put on Inbox Zero, and adding categories in this way and dynamically organizing the content could make that a much more attainable goal.

It’s unclear when and if the features will appear for any of the platforms. The Android version of Gmail has been rumored to get an overhaul for awhile now, and perhaps Google is aligning all three for a revamp before any one platform is official. Google often has experimental features in its Labs section, and it seems as though this one is making it to the big stage.


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