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HP Envy Rove 20: Anyone Need a Huge Windows 8 Tablet?

by Adriana Lee | May 24, 2013May 24, 2013 9:30 pm PST


Life is full of contradictions — like stupid apps on smart phones, geek glasses on slick celebs, and diet vodka. (Oh yeah, it’s a thing.) And then there’s the class of tablets so big and cumbersome, you don’t really want to move them around.

Meet the HP Envy Rove 20. Joining brethren like the Dell XPS 18, Sony VAIO Tap 20 and ASUS Transformer AIO, the tabletop computer that was just announced by HP is a behemoth in more ways than one. The monster 20-inch, 10-point touch display fronts Intel’s Haswell processors, roomy 1TB hybrid hard drive, Intel’s Wireless Display tech (for connecting to a television) and Beats Audio processing. It also boasts the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi, three USB ports and a four-hour battery, plus a spring-loaded, integrated kickstand. 


By all accounts, it’s a little fat and heavy (at 12 pounds), especially compared to the XPS 18. And the 1600 x 900 IPS touchscreen isn’t the best on the market, but considering that when it launches in July, it will sell for a sub-$1,000 price point, it might be forgivable.

That is, if we can figure out what we’re supposed to do with it. Isn’t mobility supposed to be the point of tablets?

In the marketing, the company imagines consumers gathering around to play games on Envy Rove, and the tablet even comes with Monopoly, Fingertapps’ Jigsaw Wars Puzzle, Fingertapps Musical Instruments, and Disney Fairies preloaded.


But if casual gaming on a horizontally oriented device is the point, what’s with the kickstand and the sloped back? The (included) mouse and keyboard tip us off to its all-in-one computing aspirations, putting it firmly in the desktop-tablet hybrid category. Which is great, except we’re not totally convinced that this class of computers is really necessary.

Are you on board with giant tablets? What would you use them for? Tell us in the comments.




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