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Bondsy Brings Back Bartering With New iPhone App

by Jacob Kleinman | May 24, 2013May 24, 2013 10:30 pm PST


In its first day on the App Store, Bondsy was used to trade a few pounds of bacon for a bag of coffee beans, an old Nintendo Wii for a potted plant and several other weird transactions that don’t usually happen. The new app, which launched on iOS yesterday after a private beta test, lets friends and friends of friends barter, sell or just give stuff to each other for free.

“There are a lot of things you own that aren’t easy to put a price tag on,” founder Diego Zambrano told The Verge. “But they often have a lot of value to someone in your social network.”

Unlike Craigslist, which facilitates similar trades but makes no guarantees that you won’t get ripped off, Bondsy plugs into your social media connections so you’re more likely to trust the people you’re trading with. Users can also sell items to their friends at one price, and list a second, higher price for friends of friends.

The app works as simply as possible, with almost no interaction or guidance from above. Just snap a photo of something, upload it and list a price. If you see something you want make an offer and a private chat between you and the owner will launch. Like Craigslist, you’ll need to arrange the actual trade yourself, but Bondsy doesn’t charge any fee and won’t take a cut when your trade goes through.

“The focus is on creating the best way for people to share and find stuff,” said Zambrano. “If people love the app, the business will sort itself out.”

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