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Android 4.3 Spotted Running On A Nexus 4

by Brandon Russell | May 24, 2013May 24, 2013 4:00 pm PST

The existence of Android 4.3 hasn’t been officially confirmed by Google, yet evidence suggests the next build is out there, at least in the testing phase. However, fresh confirmation appeared on Friday from an expo in Thailand, possibly hinting that the next update is all but final. With Google I/O mum on any big Android release announcements, it seems likely this next iteration will be a much more low-key affair.

Spotted on a Nexus 4 with build number JWR45B, the device clearly says Android 4.3 in its About setting, while the Jelly Bean Easter Egg also verifies the unreleased version. Only a few pictures were snapped, and it’s difficult to tell what changes Google has implemented. But one of the most obvious is a change to the camera interface, which now displays controls to the side of the screen, rather than in the center.

Seeing as Google isn’t quite ready to jump into Key Lime Pie territory, Android 4.3 will likely be one of those incremental updates that improves on smaller aspects of the OS, and not necessarily a major overhaul. Jelly Bean is easily the best iteration of Android Google has put out, and the company’s focus is likely on getting more devices up and running with the mobile software.

It’s still unclear when 4.3 will arrive, but with the OS already showing up at expos, perhaps we’ll see it relatively soon. Maybe June 10?


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