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“Senseless” HTC One Coming In a Matter of Weeks

by Brandon Russell | May 23, 2013May 23, 2013 5:15 pm PST

Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One-In Hand

Somehow we’re beginning to believe HTC’s comment about a “Senseless” variation of the HTC One wasn’t entirely truthful. Or the company has changed its tune since then. Following a report from earlier this week, a new rumor, citing multiple sources, suggests a pure Android HTC One is coming out in a matter of weeks through Google Play—that’s about when the developer Galaxy S4 is expected to hit.

With healthy HTC One sales spurning a slight resurgence for the floundering Taiwanese company, it stands to reason it would want to give consumers what they want. The HTC One combined with vanilla Android is one such device. And it would certainly give the Galaxy S4 one less advantage over HTC, which means a lot in the long run, especially since the One has such superior build—though the S4 has microSD card support, replaceable battery, etc.

HTC is well aware of the modding community, and has setup an HTC Dev program as a result. The program includes a way for the company to provide users with ways to easily unlock and flash custom software on their HTC device. But, alas, a Senseless HTC One is allegedly on the way. That, as points out, could be a double-edge sword for HTC.

Many of the HTC One’s flourishes depend on Sense to function properly—you can argue the Galaxy S4 is the same way. So if there was no Sense, that means both HTC’s image and sound enhancements won’t be present, which could diminish the device’s overall quality. However, perhaps the features could be implemented through standalone apps—or buyers might not even care.

There are certainly merits to manufacturer skins, but they present problems when updates come months after Google has introduced new software. Many people seemed to respond positively to the idea of a vanilla Galaxy S4, and I’m sure die-hard Android fans will take kindly to a similar version of the HTC One. If such a device is coming, look out for an announcement in the next few weeks.

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