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Pay What You Want for All of Alan Wake

by Joey Davidson | May 23, 2013May 23, 2013 6:00 am PDT

The Humble Bundle group rides again, only this time in weekly sale form. This week’s deal, as revealed yesterday, involves a whole lot of Alan Wake. PC gamers can pay whatever they want to get Alan WakeAlan Wake’s American Nightmare and a whole slew of extras for the games.

Once you buy the bundle, you’ll be able to either download the game installs directly or redeem them with Steam Keys.

Despite it’s incredibly long development time, I wound up loving Alan Wake. The game was met with a lot of criticism from fans and reviewers when it released, but its reception was largely positive. I fall into the camp of lovers. The storyline is interesting, and the gameplay mechanic of popping enemies with a flashlight before shooting them works exceptionally well.

If you’ve got a gaming PC and haven’t had a chance to play either Alan Wake or Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, this sale is for you. Give it a go.

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