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Jennifer Lopez is Out of Touch with Tech, Despite Repping Verizon

by Todd Haselton | May 23, 2013May 23, 2013 10:00 pm PST

Jennifer Lopez Verizon

Verizon Wireless took the stage during CTIA 2013 yesterday to reveal that Jennifer Lopez will serve as the company’s figurehead for Verizon’s Viva Movil arm, which will target the Latino population in the United States. We’re all for celebrities representing brands, especially in cases such as BlackBerry, where Alicia Keys is working on scholarships to help women earn degrees in tech-related fields. Still, in an interview with CNET, Lopez seemed a bit out of touch with technology in general. (To be fair, Keys tweeted from an iPhone after accepting her job as BlackBerry’s creative director).

It’s one thing to not understand how networks work or the more complicated workings of a wireless carrier’s business, but it’s a bit offputting to learn that Lopez isn’t even aware of the phone she carries or what products Verizon offers. How can she be the right person to help promote products if she isn’t even in touch with them? When asked what phone she carries, Lopez simply responded “a BlackBerry.” When pushed further, she said “a Verizon BlackBerry.” CNET’s Roger Cheng then asked Lopez about the HTC One and said he was hearing that Verizon fans were disappointed that the press conference wasn’t focused around a Verizon HTC One. “What does that mean?” Lopez replied. “HTC One. I’m so sorry.” At least she admitted she was a “mobile neophyte.”

Look, we get it, Verizon wants Lopez to help drive sales among a specific subset of American consumers. That’s great, and we’re all for educating all branches of life on mobile technology, but shouldn’t Verizon make sure its own representatives understand its products before it holds a press conference, and subsequently, press interviews with said figurehead?


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